Sunday, September 18, 2011

Importance of Discipline

Everyone knows that there are different stage in our life. Among them student life is one of the most important stage in our life.This stage begins at the age of five & ends approx. at the age of twenty.This period of life is as important as pilot in a plane.There are different factors to be followed to get success in student life.Discipline is one of the most essentials factor to be brought in practice to be a success.Without discipline one can not be able to perform well.A well discipline student is like by every person & at the other hand, a student not following the discipline is neglected by each hard working guy.Discipline act as a pillar to built a student life. A student with out discipline is like a cow with out tail.Apart from student life one need discipline in each and every field he/she work.One need discipline in home,school,playground,office etc.Discipline is the key of success.A person can not perform well in his or her job. So, every one should follow rules and regulation every where.  


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